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We Care About Our
Bodies and Our Future Earth. 

WE spent years working in the fashion and beauty industries, and have been a life long vegetarians, we spent years not only trying to look our personal best with diet and exercise and healthy living we also made sure that what we put on our bodies was just as natural and healthy. 

So making an echo friendly natural Self Tanning formula and accessory product line became our mission. 


We spent many years perfecting this Self Tanning formula so that we could use it weekly or daily with good conscience that we were being good to ourselves and our clients.

We started creating and manufacturing beauty products far back in 1989 which is when I created a Beauty Product and Hair Care Line in 1989, "Ouch such a long time ago reminds me of our ages". 

Healthy living has been kind to us and our bodies, but it is a full time job.

We hope that you will join us and enjoy how wonderful it feels to have that year round Glow of being in the sun, No matter where you live or how often you really get to sunbath. and of course Self Tanning with South Beach Self Tan is the healthiest option.

South Beach Self Tan. It's not just a Tan it's a Lifestyle.............

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