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Check out this new packaging,, it's simply fashionable and WOW so easy to use, just PUMP, PUMP and PUMP ... it's real easy.. no bottle to squeeze and get it all dirty with this little baby you just PUMP and GO.


Look like you just got back from vacation....overnight!

Your very own indoor tanning lotion.

This high-quality sunless tan lotion includes vitamin E, Shea butter, and natural oils. It goes on evenly, absorbs quickly, is non-staining, and gives results in as little as 6/8 hours.

Stays for up to a week with a single application.

Smells Like Coconuts and Cream... 

This has been blind-tested for months with outstanding feedback, no adverse effects, and outrageous demand...


This Tanning Lotion is Free of Dye ...Full of Shimmer..... you will love the way your Skin Sparkles when you use this amazing Sunless Tanning Lotion.


There is nothing like it out there...


Please note: wrinkles and creases will look darker and typically recommend exfoliation beforehand. Remember to wash your hands after applying to avoid staining. Contents are considered safe, however, do not allow direct contact with the eyes.  


DIRECTIONS: Exfoliate with Sparkle Body Scrub then apply Self Tan to clean dried skin. Massage self-tan to your face and body, and pay close attention to cover your entire body. This self-tanner really works so if you miss a spot you will see it. Avoid your eyes and wash your hands after the application. Rinse after 6/8 hours or leave it on and enjoy the sexy shimmer.  SOUTH BEACH SELF TAN IS FREE OF DYE...FULL OF SHIMMER...There is nothing like it out there!


UPC: 00196852503582

Product Code: SBST08




SKU: 196852503582
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